Our Story


Together We Stand is more than an organization, it is a Movement. Our mission is to proactively dismantle racism, discrimination and police brutality through education, advocacy and legislation.. We work with people across the country in a variety of aspects. Much of our advocacy falls into the following roles:
• Family support/resource coordination
• Police/community liaison
• Student/school/university liaison
• Community resource pooling
• Diversity workshops/trainings (community, youth, executive, law enforcement)

• In 2017 TWS plans on opening its first Youth Social Justice Center in Northern California. It is our desire to empower inner city youth by training them in social justice advocacy particularly in the areas of community outreach and legislation reform. TWS strives to bring people together regardless of race/religion/gender/sexual orientation, in the fight against racism, oppression and discrimination. We believe that with Trust, Respect, Empathy and Ethics, (TREE), this mission will be accomplished.