Justice for "Q" Cinque DJahspora

When a police officer shoots a young man in the back while he's on the ground, isn't the family entitled to their day in court?! We need your help to ensure this happens!!!

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In Jackson, Tennessee


20 year-old 'Q' (Cinque DJahspora) was murdered execution-style by Jackson, Tennessee police on November 6, 2014. shot in the back while he was face down on lthe ground with arms extended out on either side as if having been ordered, he posed no threat to anyone at the moment of his execution by police.

After no criminal charges were filed against police, Q's family had to file a civil suit on their own.

To avoid exposure the trial will bring to this heinous crime, defense lawyers are trying to have the case thrown out of court, and deny Q & family their rightful day in court. That recommendation is pending, along with even denying the family to enter key evidence on Q's behalf.

Q was unjustly killed by Jackson, Tennessee police, who then sought to cover up their crime and obstruct justice falsifying the truth with altered video and lies they began to tell from the start.

Evidence shows that police video has been altered and does not give a true account of what happened—and that police statements are inconsistent even with their own altered video.

Justice for Q is possible if the case is allowed to go forward. Denying this would be further injustice on top of his murder by police.

Q deserves his day in court.

Justice for Q is Justice for You

Q's family is asking for your support by signing this petition asking that they be given the opportunity to present their evidence and case in court. The magistrate has recommended that the judge rule against this and dismiss the case and has given the family only two weeks to respond. Their time is up in 4 days.

By signing this you are asking the judge to allow the family their day in court to present the evidence and eye witness testimony in the death of their son. Doesn't every citizen of the United States deserve this?


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  • Enough is enough
  • Sign the petition: Justice for "Q" Cinque DJahspora
  • Gregg Brown
  • As president of Communities United Against Police Brutality, I have witnessed first hand the many efforts to deny justice to the families of individuals killed by police through motions for summary judgment and other trickery. Do not deny this family the opportunity to have their day in court and to try to secure justice for Cinque DJahspora.
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  • Chantelle Moore
  • Sign the petition: Justice for "Q" Cinque DJahspora
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