"Let Damian Walk: Together We Stand is willing to do the difficult work of addressing institutionalized racism, the delicate work of gently questioning our own built in (and unfortunately invisibly programmed) racism, and the emotionally grinding work of daily finding the intersectionality of where the oppression of racisom and gender oppression meet to negatively impact quality of life...sometimes with fatal consequences to forcefully marginalized classes. This is grueling work, that requires incredible dedication and integrity. Luckily, Together We Stand has both."

Torrey Bordeaux

"I can't say enough good things about this organization. It's leadership is responsive, focused and passionate. The membership is loyal, hard working and growing more effectual daily. I feel pride in being a part of and working with TWS."

Jeffrey Lawrence Lee

"U all have no idea how you've made me feel❤for three years, it seems I've hit so many brick walls that my body should be covered in hickies 🤕even tho I had the love/prayers of my family/friends, sometimes I felt all alone but, I knew I wouldn't give up. My hands had to be the ones to email, mail, call, etc. cause, nobody would care as much as I do. Oh but, then God!!!!!! He knows I'm tired and placed ya'll in my life because, He also knows, ya'll care❤Sevgi Fernandez told me, " Momma, we have u now, I want u to breathe." Oddly, Marc had given that same message to someone. I'd done all I could now so, sit back, let go and trust in God. I no longer have to worry about emailing, mailing or calling people and for that, I truly thank u all. ❣❣❣❣it sure does give me a warm feeling inside"

Royce Eckley

"This has brought tears to my eyes because I've been doing all I can and then a light came and said to me. My child I'm sending you help just don't give up. I thank my brother Christopher Wells for saying Sharese Wells we are going to do all we can and fight as long as we can for Robert. And then God sent me Laura Dominguez and then everyone came along and has help me tremendously. Especially Sevgi Fernandez and for this I'm so blessed and thankful. She is working side by side with my attorney and I'm so happy that he have placed you all in my life to help me with this battle. It has been a long and emotional journey but at the end of the tunnel God has a light shining so bright. I owe Mrs. Fernandez deeply."

Sharese Wells

We all owe Sevgi deeply....she had the vision and passion for justice and started recruiting us along her journey.  It's very exciting to see the growth in under a year.  We are so glad to connect with people who need our help.  We are with you Royce Eckley and Sharese Wells.....

Carol Laborde

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