Andrew Joseph III

image.jpegStill in the grip's of grief. Today, I cried for you, cried for myself, cried for your sister, cried for your dad. Cried as I continue to be made to wade through streams, swim across rivers, climb steep mountains and walk many long marches carrying heavy backpacks of sorrow for Justice and Accountability into the death you suffered.

I cried through this development of this new life and new experience, never desired or imagined. Oh, my how I cried today for my past life, where my family was whole and intact. I cried today and then realized it was Friday, the same day of the week in which you had been killed. It was a Friday when you asked to attend 'Student Day' at the Florida State Fair. It was a Friday when you encounter the Hillsborough Sheriff Deputies and they acted as kidnappers, child abductors and abandoners. It was a Friday that 19 year old Jonathon Hatfield hit and killed you with no consequences on Interstate 4. It was a Friday on February 7, 2014 and now I realize that no Friday will ever be the same, for I currently dread the release and off guard contentment that many will demonstrate, knowing that this day for many ends a stressful work week and/or school week. I guess my crying for you will never end just like my love. Be the light my dear one and may you rest in power that the world has never seen or heard. #hisnameisandrewjosephIII #justice4andrewjosephIII, #teampeewee

Deanna Hardy-Joseph
Andrew Joseph, III was killed on February 7, 2014. Funds will help The Andrew Soars Foundation. We're asking for support as we educate and evaluate policy

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